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Since 1988 Visconti, the firm that brought writing back to Florence after a period of oblivion lasting over thirty years, has turned Florentine craftsmanship into a icon of its output accompanying its fundamental values of passion, art and technology.

Its winning business model is the very same one that it has applied to writing, based on the rediscovery of skills and expertise and the organisation of people by motivating them with long-term goals.

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New Racing Red Pininfarina


Visconti pininfarinaPininfarina Design firm has won so many numerous prizes and awards all around the world thanks to its pure, essential design.
Thanks to Visconti models such Carbografite, Nanotech, Icon 85 and Iridium have created in pens a style not only thanks to their design, but also thanks to the highly sophisticated technological solutions adopted: carbographite, nanotechnology, iridium treatment, retracting nib and magnetic locking.

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New Limited Edition Brunelleschi

visconti brunelleschiThe Limited Edition Brunelleschi, limited to 388 pieces is an oversized, eight-sided pen accurately reflecting the cathedral dome. Weighing roughly 45 grs, it falls perfectly within the virtually universal weight range, being neither too light nor too heavy – in fact, it's the perfect weight for daily use.


Florentine Cotto has a special colour: the brick colour is dark enough to have become a colour in its own right: the word "cotto" is traditionally used in Florence to define this specific terracotta hue!

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