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Since 1942, MAX has been recognized, worldwide, as a leading manufacturer of high-end industrial tools and office products. MAX product engineers concentrate on developing products with highly innovative and durable features to support the ever-evolving needs of the professionals that use them.

Available in several sizes, depending on the usage. From lightweight to Heavy Duty styles.

The range


Max HD55FL

HD-10XS - Mini No 10 stapler for up to 12 sheets. Available in 3 colours.

HD-10FL FLAT CLINCH - A no 10 stapler for 2 to 20 sheets by 50% less effort. Available in 4 colours.

HD-11FLK - A compact flat clinch for stapling 2-35 sheets. Available in 3 colours.

HD-11UFL - This is a compact heavy duty stapler for up to 80 sheets with flat clinch. available in red.

HD-55FL - A powerful and ligh effort stapler with a soft touch handle, with storage for spare staples. Up to 40 sheets, available in 2 colours.


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