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Attentive to the creative workshop, aesthetics, materials and production processes. Legami are always travelling the world constantly looking for new trends and ideas, to the market with original and exclusive proposals, full of irony, colour and timeliness.

Legami want to create a balance between emotion and rationality. They explore the worlds Stationery, Lifestyle, Beauty, Hi-Tech, Bags and Accessories, Jewellery, Diaries and calendars, to make each product unique experience. Passion, integrity and respect are the basis of their corporate philosophy.

Legami's code of ethics has allowed them to collaborate with major international organizations for the protection of people and the environment.

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legami bike hornLegami have a vast range of product. From Diaries and calendars to stationery, gifts and trinkets, their Everyday collection.

Legami refresh their range three times a year. meaning they are always at the forefront of fashions.


Diaries and Calendars


legami diariesLegami manufacture a vast amount of Diaries and Calendars.

The Diaries are available in 12, 18 and 24 months, they also supply academic diaries.

Calendars are available in various sizes and product family organisers.